ICPC World Finals Problem Index

The table below contains the descriptions of the problems used in the past several ICPC world finals. The format of all the files is PDF. When viewed in a browser supporting JavaScript, clicking in the table header will sort the column, allowing a presentation alphabetically, chronologically, or geographically.

Problem NameYearLocation
Problem ABalanced Diet40th 2016Phuket, Thailand
Problem BBranch Assignment40th 2016Phuket, Thailand
Problem CCeiling Function40th 2016Phuket, Thailand
Problem DClock Breaking40th 2016Phuket, Thailand
Problem EForever Young40th 2016Phuket, Thailand
Problem FLongest Rivers40th 2016Phuket, Thailand
Problem GOil40th 2016Phuket, Thailand
Problem HPolygon Puzzle40th 2016Phuket, Thailand
Problem IRoad Times40th 2016Phuket, Thailand
Problem JSpin Doctor40th 2016Phuket, Thailand
Problem KString Theory40th 2016Phuket, Thailand
Problem LSwap Space40th 2016Phuket, Thailand
Problem MWhat Really Happened on Mars?40th 2016Phuket, Thailand
Problem AAmalgamated Artichokes39th 2015Marrakesh, Morocco
Problem BAsteroids39th 2015Marrakesh, Morocco
Problem CCatering39th 2015Marrakesh, Morocco
Problem DCutting Cheese39th 2015Marrakesh, Morocco
Problem EEvolution in Parallel39th 2015Marrakesh, Morocco
Problem FKeyboarding39th 2015Marrakesh, Morocco
Problem GPipe Stream39th 2015Marrakesh, Morocco
Problem HQanat39th 2015Marrakesh, Morocco
Problem IShip Traffic39th 2015Marrakesh, Morocco
Problem JTile Cutting39th 2015Marrakesh, Morocco
Problem KTours39th 2015Marrakesh, Morocco
Problem LWeather Report39th 2015Marrakesh, Morocco
Problem MWindow Manager39th 2015Marrakesh, Morocco
Problem ABaggage38th 2014Ekaterinburg, Russia
Problem BBuffed Buffet38th 2014Ekaterinburg, Russia
Problem CCrane Balancing38th 2014Ekaterinburg, Russia
Problem DGame Strategy38th 2014Ekaterinburg, Russia
Problem EMaze Reduction38th 2014Ekaterinburg, Russia
Problem FMessenger38th 2014Ekaterinburg, Russia
Problem GMetal Processing Plant38th 2014Ekaterinburg, Russia
Problem HPachinko38th 2014Ekaterinburg, Russia
Problem ISensor Network38th 2014Ekaterinburg, Russia
Problem JSkiing38th 2014Ekaterinburg, Russia
Problem KSurveillance38th 2014Ekaterinburg, Russia
Problem LWire Crossing38th 2014Ekaterinburg, Russia
Problem ASelf-Assembly37th 2013St. Petersburg, Russia
Problem BHey, Better Bettor37th 2013St. Petersburg, Russia
Problem CSurely You Congest37th 2013St. Petersburg, Russia
Problem DFactors37th 2013St. Petersburg, Russia
Problem EHarvard37th 2013St. Petersburg, Russia
Problem FLow Power37th 2013St. Petersburg, Russia
Problem GMap Tiles37th 2013St. Petersburg, Russia
Problem HMatрёшка37th 2013St. Petersburg, Russia
Problem IPirate Chest37th 2013St. Petersburg, Russia
Problem JPollution Solution37th 2013St. Petersburg, Russia
Problem KUp a Tree37th 2013St. Petersburg, Russia
Problem AAsteroid Rangers36th 2012Warsaw, Poland
Problem BCurvy Little Bottles36th 2012Warsaw, Poland
Problem CBus Tour36th 2012Warsaw, Poland
Problem DFibonacci Words36th 2012Warsaw, Poland
Problem EInfiltration36th 2012Warsaw, Poland
Problem FKeys36th 2012Warsaw, Poland
Problem GMinimum Cost Flow36th 2012Warsaw, Poland
Problem HRoom Service36th 2012Warsaw, Poland
Problem IA Safe Bet36th 2012Warsaw, Poland
Problem JShortest Flight Path36th 2012Warsaw, Poland
Problem KStacking Plates36th 2012Warsaw, Poland
Problem LTakeover Wars36th 2012Warsaw, Poland
Problem ATo Add or to Multiply35th 2011Orlando, Florida
Problem BAffine Mess35th 2011Orlando, Florida
Problem CAncient Messages35th 2011Orlando, Florida
Problem DChips Challenge35th 2011Orlando, Florida
Problem ECoffee Central35th 2011Orlando, Florida
Problem FMachine Works35th 2011Orlando, Florida
Problem GMagic Sticks35th 2011Orlando, Florida
Problem HMining Your Own Busniss35th 2011Orlando, Florida
Problem IMummy Madness35th 2011Orlando, Florida
Problem JPyramids35th 2011Orlando, Florida
Problem KTrash Removal35th 2011Orlando, Florida
Problem AAPL Lives!34th 2010Harbin, China
Problem BBarcodes34th 2010Harbin, China
Problem CTracking Bio-bots34th 2010Harbin, China
Problem DCastles34th 2010Harbin, China
Problem EChannel34th 2010Harbin, China
Problem FContour Mapping34th 2010Harbin, China
Problem GIslands, The34th 2010Harbin, China
Problem HRain34th 2010Harbin, China
Problem IRobots on Ice34th 2010Harbin, China
Problem JSharing Chocolate34th 2010Harbin, China
Problem KPaperweight34th 2010Harbin, China
Problem ACareful Approach, A33rd 2009Stockholm, Sweden
Problem BMy Bad33rd 2009Stockholm, Sweden
Problem CReturn of Carl, The33rd 2009Stockholm, Sweden
Problem DConduit Packing33rd 2009Stockholm, Sweden
Problem EFare and Balanced33rd 2009Stockholm, Sweden
Problem FDeer-Proof Fence33rd 2009Stockholm, Sweden
Problem GHouse of Cards33rd 2009Stockholm, Sweden
Problem HMinisters' Major Mess, The33rd 2009Stockholm, Sweden
Problem IStruts and Springs33rd 2009Stockholm, Sweden
Problem JSubway Timing33rd 2009Stockholm, Sweden
Problem KSuffix-Replacement Grammars33rd 2009Stockholm, Sweden
Problem AAir Conditioning Machinery32nd 2008Banff, Canada
Problem BAlways an Integer 32nd 2008Banff, Canada
Problem CConveyor Belt 32nd 2008Banff, Canada
Problem DHare and the Hounds, The 32nd 2008Banff, Canada
Problem EHuffman Codes 32nd 2008Banff, Canada
Problem FGlenbow Museum 32nd 2008Banff, Canada
Problem GNet Loss 32nd 2008Banff, Canada
Problem HPainter 32nd 2008Banff, Canada
Problem IPassword Suspects 32nd 2008Banff, Canada
Problem JSky is the Limit, The 32nd 2008Banff, Canada
Problem AConsanguine Calculations31st 2007Tokyo, Japan
Problem BContainers 31st 2007Tokyo, Japan
Problem CGrand Prix 31st 2007Tokyo, Japan
Problem DJacquard Circuits 31st 2007Tokyo, Japan
Problem ECollecting Luggage 31st 2007Tokyo, Japan
Problem FMarble Game 31st 2007Tokyo, Japan
Problem GNetwork 31st 2007Tokyo, Japan
Problem HRaising the Roof 31st 2007Tokyo, Japan
Problem IWater Tanks 31st 2007Tokyo, Japan
Problem JTunnels 31st 2007Tokyo, Japan
Problem ALow Cost Air Travel 30th 2006San Antonio, Texas
Problem BRemember the A La Mode! 30th 2006San Antonio, Texas
Problem CArs Longa 30th 2006San Antonio, Texas
Problem DBipartite Numbers 30th 2006San Antonio, Texas
Problem EBit Compressor 30th 2006San Antonio, Texas
Problem FBuilding a Clock 30th 2006San Antonio, Texas
Problem GPilgrimage 30th 2006San Antonio, Texas
Problem HPockets 30th 2006San Antonio, Texas
Problem IDegrees of Separation 30th 2006San Antonio, Texas
Problem JRouting 30th 2006San Antonio, Texas
Problem AEyeball Benders 29th 2005Shanghai, China
Problem BSimplified GSM Network 29th 2005Shanghai, China
Problem CTraveling Judges Problem, The29th 2005Shanghai, China
Problem DcNteShruPfefrlefe [Near Perfect Shuffle] 29th 2005Shanghai, China
Problem ELots of Sunlight 29th 2005Shanghai, China
Problem FCrossing Streets 29th 2005Shanghai, China
Problem GTiling the Plane 29th 2005Shanghai, China
Problem HGreat Wall Game, The 29th 2005Shanghai, China
Problem IWorkshops 29th 2005Shanghai, China
Problem JZones 29th 2005Shanghai, China
Problem ACarl the Ant 28th 2004Prague, Czech Republic
Problem BHeliport 28th 2004Prague, Czech Republic
Problem CImage Is Everything28th 2004Prague, Czech Republic
Problem DInsecure In Prague 28th 2004Prague, Czech Republic
Problem EIntersecting Dates 28th 2004Prague, Czech Republic
Problem FMerging Maps 28th 2004Prague, Czech Republic
Problem GNavigation 28th 2004Prague, Czech Republic
Problem HTree-Lined Streets 28th 2004Prague, Czech Republic
Problem ISuspense 28th 2004Prague, Czech Republic
Problem JAir Traffic Control28th 2004Prague, Czech Republic
Problem ABuilding Bridges 27th 2003Beverly Hills, California
Problem BLight Bulbs 27th 2003Beverly Hills, California
Problem CRiding the Bus 27th 2003Beverly Hills, California
Problem DEurodiffusion 27th 2003Beverly Hills, California
Problem ECovering Whole Holes27th 2003Beverly Hills, California
Problem FCombining Images 27th 2003Beverly Hills, California
Problem GLinking Loader, A 27th 2003Beverly Hills, California
Problem HSpy in the Metro, A 27th 2003Beverly Hills, California
Problem ISolar System, The 27th 2003Beverly Hills, California
Problem ABalloons in a Box26th 2002Honolulu, Hawaii
Problem BUndecodable Codes 26th 2002Honolulu, Hawaii
Problem CCrossing the Desert 26th 2002Honolulu, Hawaii
Problem DFerries 26th 2002Honolulu, Hawaii
Problem EIsland Hopping 26th 2002Honolulu, Hawaii
Problem FToil for Oil 26th 2002Honolulu, Hawaii
Problem GPartitions 26th 2002Honolulu, Hawaii
Problem HSilly Sort 26th 2002Honolulu, Hawaii
Problem IMerrily, We Roll Along!26th 2002Honolulu, Hawaii
Problem AAirport Configuration25th 2001Vancouver, Canada
Problem BSay Cheese 25th 2001Vancouver, Canada
Problem CCrossword Puzzle 25th 2001Vancouver, Canada
Problem DCan't Cut Down the Forest for the Trees25th 2001Vancouver, Canada
Problem EGeoduck GUI, The 25th 2001Vancouver, Canada
Problem FMajor Problem, A 25th 2001Vancouver, Canada
Problem GFixed Partition Memory Management25th 2001Vancouver, Canada
Problem HProfessor Monotonic's Networks25th 2001Vancouver, Canada
Problem AAbbott's Revenge 24th 2000Orlando, Florida
Problem BAccording to Bartjens 24th 2000Orlando, Florida
Problem CCutting Chains 24th 2000Orlando, Florida
Problem DGifts Large and Small 24th 2000Orlando, Florida
Problem EInternet Bandwidth 24th 2000Orlando, Florida
Problem FPage Hoping 24th 2000Orlando, Florida
Problem GQueue and A 24th 2000Orlando, Florida
Problem HStopper Stumper 24th 2000Orlando, Florida
Problem ABee Breeding 23nd 1999Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Problem BBullet Hole 23nd 1999Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Problem CDicey Problem, A 23nd 1999Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Problem DFortified Forest, The23nd 1999Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Problem ETrade on Verweggistan23nd 1999Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Problem FRobot 23nd 1999Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Problem GLetter Carrier's Rounds, The23nd 1999Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Problem HFlooded! 23nd 1999Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Problem ACrystal Clear 22nd 1998Atlanta, Georgia
Problem BFlight Planning 22nd 1998Atlanta, Georgia
Problem CLead or Gold 22nd 1998Atlanta, Georgia
Problem DPage Selection by Keyword Matching 22nd 1998Atlanta, Georgia
Problem EPetri Net Simulation 22nd 1998Atlanta, Georgia
Problem FPolygon Intersections22nd 1998Atlanta, Georgia
Problem GSpatial Structures 22nd 1998Atlanta, Georgia
Problem HTowers of Powers 22nd 1998Atlanta, Georgia
Problem ASystem Dependencies 21st 1997San Jose, California
Problem BJill Rides Again 21st 1997San Jose, California
Problem CMorse Mismatches 21st 1997San Jose, California
Problem DRaid! 21st 1997San Jose, California
Problem EOptimal Routing 21st 1997San Jose, California
Problem FDo you know the way to San Jose21st 1997San Jose, California
Problem GSpreadsheet Tracking21st 1997San Jose, California
Problem HWindow Frames21st 1997San Jose, California
Problem A10-20-30 20th 1996Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Problem BCalling Circles 20th 1996Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Problem CCutting Corners 20th 1996Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Problem DBang the Drum Slowly 20th 1996Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Problem EPattern Matching Prelims 20th 1996Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Problem FNondeterministic Trellis Automata 20th 1996Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Problem GTrucking 20th 1996Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Problem AJill's Bike 19th 1995Nashville, Tennessee
Problem BTempus et mobilius (Time and Motion) 19th 1995Nashville, Tennessee
Problem CVariable Radix Huffman Encoding 19th 1995Nashville, Tennessee
Problem DSail Race 19th 1995Nashville, Tennessee
Problem EStamps 19th 1995Nashville, Tennessee
Problem FTheseus and the Minotaur 19th 1995Nashville, Tennessee
Problem GTrain Time 19th 1995Nashville, Tennessee
Problem HUncompress 19th 1995Nashville, Tennessee
Problem ABorrowers 18th 1994Phoenix, Arizona
Problem BTesting the CATCHER18th 1994Phoenix, Arizona
Problem CCrossword Answers 18th 1994Phoenix, Arizona
Problem DPackage Pricing 18th 1994Phoenix, Arizona
Problem ESwitching Channels 18th 1994Phoenix, Arizona
Problem FTypesetting 18th 1994Phoenix, Arizona
Problem GVessel Traffic Advisory Service18th 1994Phoenix, Arizona
Problem HMonitoring Wheelchair Patients18th 1994Phoenix, Arizona
Problem ABudget Travel 17th 1993Indianapolis, Indiana
Problem BClassifying Lots in a Subdivision 17th 1993Indianapolis, Indiana
Problem CKissin' Cousins 17th 1993Indianapolis, Indiana
Problem DGolygons 17th 1993Indianapolis, Indiana
Problem EMIDI Preprocessing 17th 1993Indianapolis, Indiana
Problem FPuzzle 17th 1993Indianapolis, Indiana
Problem GResource Allocation17th 1993Indianapolis, Indiana
Problem HScanner 17th 1993Indianapolis, Indiana
Problem ASpreadsheet Calculator 16th 1992Kansas City, Missouri
Problem BGetting in Line 16th 1992Kansas City, Missouri
Problem CRadio Direction Finder 16th 1992Kansas City, Missouri
Problem DMoth Eradication 16th 1992Kansas City, Missouri
Problem EDepartment of Redundancy Department 16th 1992Kansas City, Missouri
Problem FOthello 16th 1992Kansas City, Missouri
Problem GUrban Elevations 16th 1992Kansas City, Missouri
Problem AFiretruck 15th 1991San Antonio, Texas
Problem BTriangular Vertices 15th 1991San Antonio, Texas
Problem CConcurrency Simulator 15th 1991San Antonio, Texas
Problem DDomino Effect, The 15th 1991San Antonio, Texas
Problem EUse of Hospital Facilities 15th 1991San Antonio, Texas
Problem FMessage Decoding 15th 1991San Antonio, Texas
Problem GCode Generation 15th 1991San Antonio, Texas
Problem Set40th 2016Phuket, Thailand
Problem Set39th 2015Marrakesh, Morocco
Problem Set38th 2014Ekaterinburg, Russia
Problem Set37th 2013St. Petersburg, Russia
Problem Set36th 2012Warsaw, Poland
Problem Set35th 2011Orlando, Florida
Problem Set34th 2010Harbin, China
Problem Set33rd 2009Stockholm, Sweden
Problem Set32nd 2008Banff, Canada
Problem Set31st 2007Tokyo, Japan
Problem Set30th 2006San Antonio, Texas
Problem Set29th 2005Shanghai, China
Problem Set28th 2004Prague, Czech Republic
Problem Set27th 2003Beverly Hills, California
Problem Set26th 2002Honolulu, Hawaii
Problem Set25th 2001Vancouver, Canada
Problem Set24th 2000Orlando, Florida
Problem Set23rd 1999Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Problem Set22nd 1998Atlanta, Georgia
Problem Set21st 1997San Jose, California
Problem Set20th 1996Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Problem Set19th 1995Nashville, Tennessee
Problem Set18th 1994Phoenix, Arizona
Problem Set17th 1993Indianapolis, Indiana
Problem Set16th 1992Kansas City, Missouri
Problem Set15th 1991San Antonio, Texas
Problem Set14th 1990Washington, D.C.
Problem Set13th 1989
Problem Set12th 1988